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As most of you know we have our Retro Facebook page sign up here if you haven't done so already www.facebook.com/...
Well for those that avoid Facebook like the plague we've decided to try and keep you guys in the loop with what we are doing over there by posting the same content here as well. Some may think we are doubling up here and technically you are correct but by having the same content here as well get to share what we find interesting with most people. On top of that we'll slowly get more images, videos and info on this channel and the more content the better.

So what we have here is Retro MMGN daily feed of cool retro stuff, feel free to comment in this thread but it's main purpose is to be a mini news(using the term very lightly here) feed.

Gamers Ink
When you come to the realisation that you can not do a Hadoken the next best thing is to get a tattoo of someone else doing it on your arm.

Infinium Labs Phantom.
Pretty sure no one here would have this in their console collection mainly due to it never getting released. First announced on January 20, 2003 the Phantom was a system differed from what was currently on the market, games would be downloaded via a subscription service. The system is similar to what Nintendo were doing in Japan with SNES Satellaview. Hardware wise the Phantom was to be running a Nvidia GPU, AMD CPU, have 5.1 surround support with multiple video outputs.
Unfortunately for Infinium Labs the system just kept getting delayed over and over right up to the point where it actually lived up to its name...

Daily retro Classic.
This here is a brilliant game, not that old but still on a system that's no longer getting supported.

I know this image has done the rounds on the Internet and has been around for a while but for those that have never seen it before, enjoy this artists impression of a real world Mario.

Shared this image of a watch version of Street Fighter that Capcom posted on their Facebook pages.

The VR Headset for the Atari Jaguar.

n early 1994, Atari and Virtuality teamed up to make a home-based VR system to take game players beyond a whole new arena of gaming entertainment. Appearing later in 1995 the first VR headset -(Red unit)- was a low resolution headset and Atari officials reviewed the hardware-they were not satisfied with the quality. With this in mind, Virtuality went back to revise and upgrade the headset to meet Atari's demand. While this happened, Atari had plans to exit the video game market and merge with "JTS" while Virtuality still hard at work made the Blue headset that used a higher resolution display and fixed other minor problems as well as the voice communication and extra IPD adjustments. As it stands, Atari severed ties with Virtuality. The company received not a penny for the work they did which is why I believe this led Virtuality out of business (into other hands anyhow).
However, other rumors still exist such as Virtuality couldn't make a headset for the targeted price Atari had wanted. [Jagcube jagcube.atari.org/... ]

Released in 1982 to a lukewarm reception, the Adventure Vision had only about a year lifespan on the market before it was pulled. The consoles that were sold were fragile and troublesome, so few have survived to today. This makes it difficult to find a working example and nearly impossible to find one for a low price. It's estimated that only 10,000 of the consoles were made. [source: www.rfgeneration.com/... ]

Larger version if this one isn't viewable i271.photobucket.com/...

Retro Daily Classic
This game needs no introduction even its cheat code is famous.

Capcom CPS Changer

In 1994, Capcom decided to follow SNK's lead in the Neo Geo AES and released the CPS Changer. Based entirely upon existing arcade hits, this system produced excellent quality and game play.

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winga26 said:

That's a great photo, just added it to the FB page.

Game and Watch: Ball

Something a little awesome I saw on the Street Fighter page.

Just clicked over to 200 likes on this page, we're pretty happy with that. We here at Retro.mmgn.com would like to thank everyone for their support.
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Retro Daily classic ....sometimes daily...sometimes not :P

Pretty sure everyone here will know this furry little bastard
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Show us your boos
The Daewoo Zemmix CPG-120 kinda resembles an early prototype robot vacuum units.
This console was basically a MSX computer in a console casing. It was an NTSC based machine capable of playing MSX cartridge games. All Zemmix systems are expensive and rare, but this ‘UFO’ anomaly is a true grail for the hardware enthusiast.


Tommy Pyuuta Jr.

The Tomy Pyuuta Jr. was the dedicated console release of the Tomy Pyuuta, a hybrid computer released in Japan in 1983. The original Pyuuta had a moderate amount of success, enough so to have models released in Europe (Gra
ndstand Tutor) and in North America (Tomy Tutor). This is another Japanese exclusive and is a tough find due to its limited release as well as its unpopularity. [videogameconsolelibrary.com]

Omega Entertainment Machine

Not exactly retro but an interesting system none the less, basically a Fully enclosed consolized MVS system. Would work out cheaper collecting original MVS games than AES games.

Playstation 2 Final Fantasy XI pack. Probably one of the nicest PS2 bundles you could get. This FFXI pack comes with a PS2 console, 40GB hard drive and network modem.

Name this retro classic.
It's an arcade only release by Sega


Datach Joint ROM System, was an add-on accessory by Bandai for the Family Computer and was released on December 29, 1992. It was packaged with one game, Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budokai. Six other games that were released for it, including one of the last games for the Famicom system in 1994. It is one of two mini systems compatible with the NES/Famicom, the other being the Aladdin Deck Enhancer. [wikipedia]

Roll ‘N Rocker is a controller that the gamer stands on and uses to move the character by tilting your position upon the board. You plug a NES controller into the front of the Roll ‘N Rocker to use the A, B, Start, and Select buttons. Maximum weight for this accessory was a 100 lbs. Most NES games are compatible with it but none of them really worked well with it..
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